What is The ARTS Project?

TAP Centre for Creativity in London, Ontario, Canada is a unique organization in the community as it is the means through which hundreds of artists of all disciplines are offered an opportunity to develop and showcase their work. The main goal of TAP is to give artists the support to be creative and develop their work and to offer them an outlet for which they can share that work with the community.

In addition to this arts incubator approach, TAP offers its own original programming in theatre, visual and performing arts. TAP also helps to connect new local theatre companies to existing ones in an effort to foster growth in local live performance theatre.

The ARTS Project offers private artist studios, workshop classrooms, rehearsal space and community event space at a very affordable cost.

Exhibition Areas

TAP is not a publicly funded gallery. The artist(s) pay a modest rental fee. TAP does not charge a commission, so 100% of the sales are returned to the artist. This benefits the artist in several ways. The ARTS Project can accept a much broader range of artwork because, unlike a commercial galley, The ARTS Project does not need to evaluate an artist’s work for commercial viability, because it is not reliant on commission to pay the bills. Another benefit is that when the artist has a greater investment in their show, they have more incentive to learn the essential marketing and self-promotion skills not taught in most art schools. Our goal is to be a stepping-stone, to give an artist experience and public exposure so that they are better able to approach private and public galleries and further their career. To learn more about exhibition opportunities, please click here.


The theatre operates in a similar manner but also includes assistance with connecting to artistic and technical personnel, front of house and a box office.

The theatre space is a “black box” venue – making it one of the most tranformable performance spaces in London. Every production company can modify the seating, staging and visual appearance to fit their play. This allows them to close the gap between the audience and actors, creating an intimate performance experience.

TAP’s theatre hosts many local theatre companies who are able to plan well into the future on a first come basis. The theatre is also used for music concerts and business seminars and presentations. In addition, TAP is home to Passionfool Theatre Company, who perform an entire season in the space each year.


Our facility has 10 studios that are occupied by Resident Artists who have 24/7 access to these private work spaces. Our third floor studio space is used for classes, but is also available for rent for photo sessions, rehearsal space and private art sessions.

Assistance to Artists

TAP Centre for Creativity is an essential component to the development and support of emerging artists in London and is committed to encouraging them towards a successful and fulfilling career. In its supporting role in the development of local artists, TAP’s objective is to help move an artist forward and to provide them with the necessary tools to achieve to the best of their ability. Many times this comes in the form of business advice, such as how to properly plan an exhibition, how to access funding, how to create a media release. TAP also acts as a conduit where artists are connected, to share ideas and to make new contacts.