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An Evening with Forest City Zinesters

Friday December 14, 2018
5 – 7 PM

Free admission
Facebook Event

As part of an auxiliary component to the Forest City Gallery’s inaugural Artist Residency program, Lanh Hrafn will be hosting an evening with several wonderful local zine artists, discussing their trade and why they use self-publishing as a form of communication.

These artists and other members of Forest City Zine Fiends will also have a table of their zines for sale during the event. This is an excellent way to support local artists while getting gifts for the upcoming holidays!

FCG’s inaugural residency program was built in connection with TAP Centre for Creativity and BealArt High School.

Artists attending:

Oshi Rathnayake
Zines came to Oshi’s life recently and have opened a whole new dimension of expression. She has Sammy, a fellow Ziner and a wonderful friend to thank for it. Oshi takes from a personal experience to draw inspired zines. She uses an artistic graphic novel approach to her zines and fabulous stick drawings, trying to incorporate humor to deal with difficult topics. Recently she has begun moving towards covering lighter topics as well. However, her true passion will always be in shining light on her life experiences and using zines as a vehicle to educate the world.

Jenna Rose Sands
Jenna Rose Sands is a Cree Ojibwe artist who is turning her emotional exhaustion over the current state of Indigenous affairs into informative zines that educate and question wide spread prejudice regarding Indigenous people. Focusing each zine on the experiences and stories of Indigenous people who have endured a multitude of atrocities committed by the Canadian government, Jenna Rose is able to pair words with dynamic mixed media works for a final result that is both powerful and visually engaging. An ongoing series, Jenna Rose is trying to change language and ideas one zine at a time.

Jill Clair
Jill Clair has been making zines for 6 years. She started Zine Fiends, but if she hadn’t someone else would have sooner or later. Most of her work is comics, although she has recently expanded into more word-based subject matter.

Rin Vanderhaeghe
Rin is a Queer, London-based Artist and graduate of Western University majoring in Studio Art and Anthropology. As a child Rin experienced untreated Selective Mutism, a childhood anxiety disordered characterized by an inability to speak. They explore themes of women’s history, mental health, and magic through the creation of intricate dolls and illustration inspired by nature.

Sammy Roach
Sammy Roach is a video editor, cartoonist, and most recently, a zinemaker, based in London, Ontario. Her comic strip, Tiny Whales, has been featured in London Fuse’s Short Fuse publication since November 2016. Her short comic story, Dreams I’ve Had: Spider Date was published in The New Apts. Alternative Living by Runciman Press, and a short graphic memoir, Crappy Calgary Catholic Sex-Ed, will be published in a forthcoming Zine Fiends anthology. Her panels can also be found in the London Comic Jam series published by Runciman Press.

Sammy admired zines from afar until May of 2018, when she attended a zinemaking workshop at TAP that was led by Jill Clair as part of Tingfest. Since then, she has fallen in love with zinemaking as a new expression of her absurd comic sensibilities.

Melissa Parrott
Melissa Parrott aka msmediafrenzy is a multimedia artist. She’s been making zines in London for 8 years, running art and zinemaking workshops at the London Public Library, Museum London and East Village Artist Collective. When the library stopped running their annual indiemedia fair, Melissa helped coordinate an event called Zine Fiends at EVAC in 2016. The initial event brought together zine makers and comic artists in the area to display and sell their works. Zine Fiends now runs as a monthly meeting and crafty gathering.