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Couplets: London’s collaborative poetry & art series

Couplets, Ep. 19:
Englert & O’Neil & Heatherington & Okun Hill

Thursday August 30, 2018
6:30 – 8:00 p.m.; Doors open at 6 p.m.

Free admission; cash bar; book table
Donations (suggested $5) go to the artists

Four artists produce four different collaborations in this Couplets event so extremely Coupletsy that it’s really just a quatrain.

Síle Englert is a London poet, fiction writer, and visual artist. Her stories and poems have been recognized in contests by Room, Prism, and CV2 and featured in Room, Crannóg(Ireland), and the Ascent Aspirations and Saving Bannister anthologies.
Jessica O’Neil has performed as singer-songwriter Yessica Woahneil since 2016, when she released her debut album, Cheekbone. Her combination of soul, folk, lo-fi, and pop vibrations has floored audiences across southern Ontario. Jessica is also part of London garage rock duo YESS WOAH.
Debbie Okun Hill is a member of The Writers’ Union of Canada and The League of Canadian Poets. Her recent work includes Tarnished Trophies and the chapbooks Drawing from Experience and Chalk Dust Clouds.
Victoria Hetherington’s digital fiction project, I Have To Tell You, was published with 0s&1s in 2014 and reviewed in The Guardian, The LA Review of Books, Ploughshares, and HTML Giant. Exploring themes of digital sociality and the advancement of AI, her debut novel, Mooncalves, will be published in 2019 with Now or Never Books.

Free event. Cash bar & book table. All donations go to performers. All the info you could ever want at

What is Couplets?

Two poets (or a poet & an artist of another stripe) are locked in mortal struggle/collegial mentorship for an entire month, plotting an evening of responses, renga, duets, live interview, disciplinary crossbreeding, shouting match, elaborate period-costume satire, and utterly net-less poetic tennis. For one night only, they present this collaboration to you. Live! In full colour and surround-sound! Free admission. Cash bar & book table. All donations go to the collaborators.

Facebook: @CoupletsSeries
Twitter: @CoupletsSeries