LDN Convergence

LDN Convergence

“At LDN Convergence, you can really make your wildest ideas happen.” – Jacqueline Demendeev, 2018 Converger

LDN Convergence inspired by and supported the Indy Convergence Network, which began in Indianapolis.


LDN Convergence is a multi-arts residency delivered by TAP, where artists of all disciplines can work together and develop interesting new work. This is a two-week rapid creation “convergence,” which includes side projects, community workshops, open rehearsals, an umbrella project, and an open lab performance. It is a unique opportunity for artists with different skills and expertise to come together and create something entirely new right here in the core of London. LDN Convergence is modelled after The Indy Convergence program based out of Indianapolis.

We recently wrapped up our inaugural LDN Convergence this past July. If you’re an artist interested in participating in our 2019 LDN Convergence, email us at indyldn@artsproject.ca and we can add you to our contact list for when applications open. FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you to our donors Lina and Chris Bowden, and Carlyle Peterson Lawyers LLP, as well as our sponsor Downtown London for their enthusiasm and support for this new residency program at TAP.

Wondering what this residency is like for artists? Here’s what our 2018 Convergers have to say:


Jacqueline Demendeev

Visual Artist

“My experience with the LDN Convergence was transformative. I learned so much about interdisciplinary work, collaboration, and experimentation. The Program Facilitators pushed me in artistic ways I never would have considered otherwise. I can see myself bringing the things I learned out into my community and I can’t wait to continue creating in this new exciting way.”

Tyler Graham

Playwright, Actor

“The LDN Convergence is an essential program that allows artists to experiment boldly with minimal risk. The residency exposed me to creative processes I’d never seen before, thus allowing me to develop a deeper understanding of my own creative process. I’ll be putting my new knowledge of dance, visual art, music, and game design to use as I develop new theatrical work in the future.”

Jessica O’Neil

Singer, Songwriter

“The LDN Convergence provided me with space, inspiration, and unwavering support. It allowed me to grow as an artist and gave me an opportunity to dive deeper into my process. It provided me with new outlets, ideas, and practices. The collaborative aspects of the residency, including workshops and community members and groups (like Public Displays of Art) forged new relationships for future projects and appreciations of the London Ontario arts scene.”

Jade Walker

Actress, Playwright

“This experience was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before as an artist. I felt consistently pushed out of my comfort zone the entire time. I really liked being able to collaborate and create art with artists from all different artistic backgrounds and the morning warm-ups where got a glimpse into other people’s creative processes. It forced us to open our minds and find other outlets for creative inspiration. This residency made me more open to take risks, experiment with different mediums, and fail. Every single time me piece was performed it changed. It was a lot of hard work and I am exhausted, but this experience was tremendously rewarding and gratifying. I gained new perspectives, body awareness, and tried new things that I never would have attempted to do otherwise. It made me more accepting of change, growth, and evolution within my own work. I also gained new friends from this experience who I hope to collaborate with again in the future.”