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LDN Convergence – FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a convergence?
A convergence is a two-week long intensive that brings together artists from a variety of disciplines. It challenges artists to step outside their comfort zones and take big risks in a safe space. Over the course of two weeks, these artists work to develop their own side projects and one “umbrella project”. At the end of the two weeks, we invite the community to see our work in an Open Lab performance. It is modelled after the Indy Convergence that takes place annually in Indianapolis and Toronto.

What are the side projects?
Side projects are smaller individual projects that participants develop through the course of the convergence.

What is the Umbrella Project?
The Umbrella Project is an interdisciplinary collaborative piece in which everyone participates. It is a chance for all participants to come together and combine their unique strengths in one project.

What are the workshops?
Throughout the two-week convergence we will be hosting a variety of workshops that are open to the public. These will be taught by various members of the London arts community. Past examples from LDN Convergence and Indy Convergence include stage makeup techniques, ink techniques, music editing and digital composition, coloured pencils, contact improv, and stage combat.