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Marquee Artist:
Michelle Cieloszczyk

Currently on our marquee is artist Michelle Cieloszczyk

Michelle is an emerging artist, born in London Ontario. She is currently completing a BFA in Sculpture at Concordia University, in Montreal. She is a graduate of the specialist Beal Art program – with a focus on ceramics and film. She has had two duo exhibitions in The Arts Project “Harbouring Mind” (2013) with Beatrice Shilton, and “Nude” (2014) with Sadie Mallon. She has interests in a variety of media including: sculpture, ceramics, painting, drawing, and video art/sound art. She is deeply influenced by life experiences, perception, and philosophy which have directed her artistic investigation into the human condition and personal expression. She experiments and tries to find the essence of the materials she uses while maintaining a transcendent level of reflection at the absurdity of life.

Our Marquee is outside on the front of our building and periodically we feature different local artist’s work there. For more info email: or call 519-642-2767